Sunday, December 3, 2017

More Problem Management Reports

Bar chart verticalThis weekend, 9 more reports were added to give support organizations more insight in the problems that affect, or affected, their services.

These problem reports already existed:
  • Active Problems by Service
  • Active Problems by Status
  • Solved Problems by Service

When you go to the 'Reports' section of the Analytics console, you will see that the following problem reports were added:
  • Active Problems Aging since Last Updated
  • Active Problems Aging since Registered
  • Active Problems by Impact
  • Active Problems by Target Indication
  • Halted Problems Aging since Last Updated
  • Halted Problems Aging since Registered
  • Halted Problems by Impact
  • Halted Problems by Service
  • Solved Problems by Impact

Problem managers and service owners can customize these reports by adding some filters or a date range. Once they have customized a report, they can click on the report's title to bookmark it. That makes it possible to reuse these customized reports each time the Problem Management workload needs to be reviewed.

Solved Problems by Service report