Monday, December 11, 2017

Introducing the Media Library

Media fileWhen you go to the Settings console, you will find a new section called ‘Media Library’. This is where specialists and administrators can upload files. By adding a file to the media library, it gets hosted on a web server that gives it a URL. This URL can then be used elsewhere in the ITRP service.

A media file can, for example, be created for a user manual so that its URL can be included in a knowledge article. Similarly, a background image or a logo can be uploaded as a media file so that its URL can be used in the Self Service design, email designs and PDF designs.

Media file with image preview
People who have the Specialist role can add a new media file to the media library of their support organization’s account. They can also update and delete media files, but only the ones they created. A person who has the Directory Administrator role or the Account Administrator role can maintain and delete all media files of their organization's ITRP account.

Important: People do not need to be logged into ITRP to access a file that has been uploaded into the media library. These files are public, so anyone who has the public link of a media file can access it.