Wednesday, December 6, 2017

3 More Quick Ranges

CalendarWhen a custom date range can be set for a report, the quick ranges make this very easy. Users have indicated, however, that a few more quick ranges would be useful.

Quick Range optionsThat is why the following 3 options have been added:
  • Past Week
  • Past Month
  • Previous 3 months, plus month to date

Note that selecting the option 'Past Week' sets the date range from minus 6 days through today's date, while the 'Past Month' range is from minus 1 month through today's date.

The option 'Previous 3 months, plus month to date' goes back 3 months and starts the date range on the first day of that month through today's date.

After selecting a quick range, you can go back and to open the 'Custom Range' menu to see the exact start and end dates.