Thursday, November 9, 2017

Savaco to Deliver ESM and Digital Transformation in Belgium with ITRP

BelgiumSavaco is an IT service provider that specializes in solutions with impact. Helping organizations optimize and automate their processes, as well as enabling them to efficiently collaborate with their providers, is Savaco’s core mission.

Savaco logoSavaco recently expanded its service portfolio with Enterprise Service Management (ESM). This offers Savaco's customers advice and tooling for the implementation of service management processes throughout their organizations. The service makes it possible to bring all employee support together, from IT support to HR and Facilities to Finance.

The unique out-of-the-box benefits that ITRP provides to organizations, such as secure collaboration with other organizations, tracking of SLAs from managed service providers, extensive confidentiality settings and more, makes ITRP the perfect solution for Savaco to offer as the preferred ESM tool for its customers.

The short implementation time and easy set-up of ITRP ensures that customers start receiving the benefits of Enterprise Service Management within days rather than months.

The first benefit for customers as well as Savaco, is that collaboration between them is now seamlessly covered within ITRP. This gives customers easy access to all services provided by Savaco and real-time transparency of all service levels.

We are proud to work with Savaco in achieving ESM excellence for its customers! Read more in Savaco's press release (in Dutch).