Friday, May 19, 2017

Impressions from ITRP Connect 2017

ConnectWhat an amazing day... The second annual ITRP Connect event was another resounding success. The stories shared by customers, as well as the wide variety of new features presented by ITRP's development team, got everyone thinking about new ways to improve the professional lives of enterprise employees and the specialists who support them.

ITRP Connect 2017 - ss Rotterdam
The developers shared how some of the ideas from this active user community made it into the product. The thoughtfulness that goes into every feature is setting ITRP further and further apart from the traditional enterprise service management tools.

ITRP Connect 2017 - Presentations
A special thanks goes out to Frank de Jong for his amazingly effective KCS introduction workshop, and to Claire Agutter for her interactive SIAM introduction. These sessions were clearly illuminating and it was wonderful to see everyone participating.

ITRP Connect 2017 - Impressions
The involvement and interaction between all participants made this event truly special. Thank you! We are already looking forward to getting together again next year to review our shared progress.