Thursday, May 4, 2017

Decline & Forward with an Internal Note

NoteWhen specialists use the Decline button in the toolbar to return a request to the team coordinator or the previous team, they are asked to specify why they cannot work on the request. Because this information is typically not intended for the requester, specialists are now able to add this as an internal note. In fact, the 'Internal note' option that has been added is checked by default when declining a request.

Decline an ITRP request with an internal note
However, if the request is going to be returned to a team of a different support organization that would not be allowed to see the internal note, the 'Internal note' option will simply not be available. This ensures that the people who will receive the request are able to see the reason why the request was rejected.

When the Forward toolbar button is used to pass a request to another specialist, the 'Internal note' option is also available. Here it is left unchecked by default. That's because it is normally best to allow the requester to see any progress that has been made.

Decline an ITRP request with an internal note