Sunday, April 30, 2017

Make a Person a VIP

CrownThe VIP checkbox has been added to allow organizations to mark some of their people as VIPs. The symbol used to identify VIPs in ITRP is a crown.

Person marked as VIP in ITRP
This crown is clearly visible for the service desk analysts after they have selected a VIP in the Service Desk console.

VIP selected in ITRP Service Desk console
Specialists are able to identify the requests that have been submitted for VIPs when they look in their inbox or in the requests views. For those requests, the crown icon is displayed in the Requester column in front of the VIP's name.

VIP in the ITRP Inbox view
This VIP feature makes it easier to pay special attention to the people that are most important to the support organization.


  1. Love it... Excellent new ITRP capability. How do you make an existing user a VIP?

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Peter.

      When a person record is stored in a standard ITRP account or a support domain account, someone who has the Service Desk Analyst role is able to edit this person record and check the VIP box.

      If, however, the person record is registered in a directory account (which data is typically maintained automatically by integrations with AD and/or other data sources), the VIP box can only be checked by someone who has the Directory Administrator role.

      So for person records that are automatically maintained, it is probably best to add some logic to the integration that checks the VIP box when the Job title field contains CEO, CIO, CFO, President, VP, Director, etc.