Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Growing for Growth

WebhooksAnother senior member has joined the ITRP Institute. We are proud to announce today that Nevlynn Janssen has joined as VP Marketing. Nevlynn is a seasoned brand builder who has worked for both European and U.S. enterprise software vendors.

Nevlynn JanssenHis objective is to structure the ITRP Institute's sales-driven marketing process. This comes down to making sure that organizations, which would benefit greatly from the ITRP service, are made aware of ITRP's unique capabilities when they are getting ready to embrace enterprise service management (ESM).

In addition to his activities at the ITRP Institute, Nevlynn also acts as a mentor to several startups at Startupbootcamp. His hands-on experience with modern marketing methodologies makes Nevlynn an extraordinary asset as the ITRP Institutes steps up its growth rate.