Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Continuing to Grow the Team

WebhooksToday we have the pleasure of announcing the addition of yet another senior team member. Mark van de Griendt has taken the position of VP Business Development within the ITRP Institute. He has a long and successful history working for companies like Sun Microsystems, RES Software, ORSYP and Treasury Intelligence Solutions. Most of his career has been dedicated to accelerating the growth of enterprise software vendors in the northwestern region of Europe.

Mark van de GriendtAt the ITRP Institute, Mark's role is to ensure that he supports large organizations through their evaluation of ITRP as part of their enterprise service management (ESM) tool selection process. He works closely together with Nevlynn Janssen, our VP Marketing, who also recently joined the ITRP Institute.

Mark already made the transition from traditional enterprise software sales a long time ago. He was quick to embrace the new SaaS onboarding model that does not require customers make any long-term commitments. Apart from being a knowledgeable and thoughtful professional, Mark is also known to go the extra mile to help customers prevent unnecessary costs. We are very happy to have him on board.