Thursday, April 21, 2016

Impressions from ITRP Connect 2016

TrustYesterday's ITRP Connect event was simply wonderful. It was great to see so many familiar faces from so many countries.

Presentation Jean-Marie Van Cutsem, Deloitte
Some of the largest ITRP customers and partners shared their experiences. The topics on Time Tracking, HR and the new EU Data Protection Regulation received a lot of interest.

Presentation Klaus Konwalin, techwork
The two breakout sessions were popular with the technical enthusiasts. They provided much inspiration and an opportunity to ask detailed questions.

Presentation Steven Lots, InfraVision
As the day progressed, people who had never met before started telling each other their ITRP journey. They will bring back many ideas that their organizations will benefit from.

Presentation Andreas Lengauer, techwork
The way everyone got involved made this event special. Thank you all for a fabulous day. Your support is what has made ITRP so successful.