Thursday, July 23, 2015

ITRP in Italy

ItalyIt is our pleasure to announce our partnership with C.H. Ostfeld, which brings the ITRP Partner Network to Italy!

C.H. Ostfeld logoC.H. Ostfeld has a long history in delivering ITSM applications and advice to organizations all over Italy and Malta. They also have experience implementing service management in other countries for their multinational customers.

In their search for a true SaaS offering with a great user interface, lightning performance and full ITIL support, they quickly recognized ITRP as the best option. After going through extensive training, C.H. Ostfeld’s consultants are now ready to deliver the ITRP service to all organizations looking for a service management solution that brings true value.

We are very happy to welcome C.H. Ostfeld to the rapidly growing ITRP community!