Monday, March 9, 2015

Superior Tablet Support

TabletMany specialists have already been using ITRP on their tablets. They will be happy to see how the ITRP user interface now automatically optimizes itself for use on small touch screens.

On a tablet there is not enough room to show a view on the left side of the screen with the selected record on the right. So when ITRP detects that it is being used on a tablet, it displays the view over the full width of the screen. When a record is selected, this record replaces the view.

Navigation bar above request
The navigation bar is available above the selected record. The arrow on the left can be used to return to the view. The up/down arrows on the right can be used to go to the previous or next record in the view.

PC users with a low screen resolution (i.e. with a width of less than 1280 pixels) will also benefit from the same UI optimization. By presenting the views over the full width of their screens, they are able to see more of the text in the wider columns.

An improvement has also been made for PC users with a very high screen resolution. Their views will automatically be presented over a wider area of the screen. This makes better use of their available screen width.