Monday, September 15, 2014

Faster Task Template Selection

Task templateIn the past, when you were adding a task to a change, you could populate the task's fields by selecting a task template in the Template field. Below you can see what that used to look like.

Subject and Template fields
What we were told, however, is that it could take a while for a change manager to find the correct task template when there are hundreds to choose from. So what did we do? We removed the Template field.

Subject or Template field
Now when you add a task, you can enter a few key words to find the template you are looking for.

Subject or Template suggest field
We have given you the same speed and ease of use within change templates. There you can also use the power of suggest fields to quickly add the correct task templates for your standard workflow.

Task template selection in change template
This allows change managers to work more smoothly, even when their organization has registered thousands of task templates to streamline the change management process.