Sunday, July 13, 2014

Register Requests Even Faster

Service desk analystThe Service Desk console is one of the features that make ITRP unique. This console dynamically provides the service desk analysts with the information they need to quickly help the person who has contacted the service desk.

Now it offers 3 more ways to make the registration of requests even faster and easier. Apart from clicking on the New Request button, it is now also possible to start the registration of a new request by:

1). looking up a request template by entering key words,
2). selecting one of the user's services, or
3). selecting one of the user's configuration items.

Which method is the fastest depends on the type of request that needs to be registered. When it concerns one of the user's CIs, the best option will be to click on this CI. In other cases, it may be faster to use the Search box to look up a specific request template, or to start with the selection of a service.