Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Automate Your Broadcasts

BroadcastsThe REST API has been extended to cover the Broadcast functionality. Now you can build integrations to automatically broadcast messages to your end users and/or specialists.

For example, when a monitoring tool has detected that the email service is down, this could trigger the generation of a broadcast. That would ensure that end users see this information when they go to Self Service to submit a request.

For the developers among you, give the following cURL command a try using your API token from an ITRP sandbox account:

curl -u "token:x" -X POST ""

The result is a new broadcast that is visible for everyone in the account.

Broadcast message to tell users that email is unavailable
There are lots of possibilities to target a specific audience, to limit the duration of the broadcast, to add translations, etc. You will find all the details in the developer documentation.