Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Disabled Calendars

CalendarAccount administrators already know how easy it is to prepare a new calendar in ITRP. This calendar can then be used as work hours for a team, support hours for a standard service request, service hours for a service offering, etc.

But what if, for example, you prepared a support hours calendar a few years ago that your organization does not want to be used for any new standard service requests or service offerings? In that case it would be nice if you could prevent this calendar from being selected.

Disabled calendar in Edit mode
Disabled calendarsWe have added the Disabled checkbox to the Calendar form to allow you to do just that. Once this box has been checked, the calendar can no longer be linked to other records.


  1. In addition to this new feature, it would be good if the ITRP Calendar functionality can cater for more than one time frame per day. Some customers have, for example, a Support Window from 8 till 12 AM and 1 till 5 PM on one and the same day. These "siestas" need to be considered.

  2. That is a good point you are making, Maurice. There may be other account administrators out there that are not aware that this is already possible in ITRP.

    When you have a calendar in Edit mode, you can use the little plus (+) button to add another time frame. By default the weekday for the additional time frame is set to the day that follows the day of the previous time frame. But you can make it the same as the previous day to add a 2nd time frame for that day.

    Here's a screenshot that uses the example you provided: