Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Switching Products

ProductProducts are used in ITRP to group together the versions and license certificates of software products. Products are also used to group together all hardware assets of the same model. Configuration managers can open products to see, for example, how many CIs the organization has of a specific model. The product relations can also be used to figure out how many incidents have been caused by a specific type of CI.

We recently added the Product field to the Relations section of the Configuration Item form. This makes it possible to open the product to which a configuration item is linked.

Configuration item relations in View mode
What's probably more important for configuration managers is that they can now relate a CI to a different product. This can be useful when, for example, products were initially registered with too much granularity. In such cases, a configuration manager may decide to disable some products and group their CIs into just one product.

Configuration item relations in Edit mode
Naturally, it is now also possible to maintain the links between CIs and products using the Import feature. So mass updates can be performed efficiently when the product data needs to be restructured.