Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Support for non-IT Services

Service CategoryMore and more organizations have also started using ITRP for the efficient handling of requests for non-IT services. After all, employees are not only getting support from the IT department; the Facility Management and Human Resources departments also spend a large portion of their time dealing with questions and issues from people who make use of their services.

Thanks to the new Service Category feature, it is now much easier for users to find the type of service that they need support for.

List of service categories including HR and Facility Management
Offering a single portal where all employees can submit their requests, regardless of whether this request concerns an IT service or one from another department can make life a little easier for them.

Other advantages that ITRP's Self Service offers, are:
  • To ensure that all the necessary information is gathered for specific types of requests, custom forms can be prepared
  • Different workflows can automatically be initiated depending on the type of request that was submitted
  • Managers can use Self Service to review requests when their approval is required
  • Targets can be specified and tracked for each type of request
  • All information that is presented in Self Service can be translated to ensure that end users are able to obtain support in their language

And when privacy is a concern, it is possible to set up a separate ITRP account for each department. This makes it possible to, for example, keep the HR requests hidden from the other departments.