Monday, February 17, 2014

Duplicating CIs

Configuration ItemThe Duplicate feature has been extended to configuration items. When you need to register a new CI, you can start by selecting an existing CI that is similar. Once you have selected an existing CI, the "Duplicate Configuration Item" option is available in the Actions menu.

Duplicate Configuration ItemAfter selecting this option, a new Configuration Item form is opened. Its fields contain the values of the existing CI. The serial number, system ID, asset ID, PO number, purchase value, start date and warranty expiry date are not copied when the Duplicate feature is used. That is because the existing CI that was selected was probably acquired a while ago and the new CI will need to get different values in these fields.

What's also clever is the fact that, for CIs like PCs and servers, the software relations also get duplicated. That means that the links with the operating system and application software get established automatically and will probably not need to be adjusted much before the new CI is saved.

Save and Add Another buttonBut there is more good news. When you are ready to save the new CI, you will see an additional button. It is the Save & Add Another button. When you press this button, the values of the new CI get duplicated in yet another new CI form. This is similar to the Duplicate feature, except that now the PO number, purchase value, start date and warranty expiry date also get duplicated.

New Configuration Item
The combination of the Duplicate feature and the Save & Add Another button can be an especially useful time saver when your organization purchased, for example, 20 additional PCs.