Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Exact Dates in Self Service

DateITRP presents dates in the user interface in a way that can be understood quickly by humans. For example, when a request needs to have been resolved within the next 127 minutes, ITRP does not display the date, time and timezone. It would take way too much time for our brains to digest the information. Instead, the resolution target gets displayed as about 2 hours.

IT specialists already know that, in the full UI, they can move their mouse cursor over a date indication to see the exact moment in time that it represents. In the Self Service interface we have now made this same mouse-over feature available. This makes it possible for end users and managers within the business to see the exact creation, target and completion dates for their requests and approvals.

Exact date in mouse-over tooltip
This usability feature is available everywhere in Self Service. It takes into account the user's language, time zone and time format preferences.