Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Conflicting Changes

Service offeringA few days ago we announced the release of the Change Calendar. What the announcement did not explain, however, is that the Change Calendar provides more than a useful overview of change implementations.

Change Calendar with conflicting changes
Assignment conflictThe really great thing about the Change Calendar is that it warns of possible conflicts between changes. For example, when two overlapping implementation tasks have been assigned to the same person, these tasks will be displayed in yellow.

Similarly, when a task is to be executed on the same service instance as another task at the same time, these tasks will show up in yellow.

Service instance conflictThe Change Calendar even checks the entire service hierarachy to warn change managers when a task is planned to be executed at the same time as another task, and these two tasks are linked to service instances that have an impact relation.

Making sure that potential scheduling conflicts are identified will help avoid unpleasant surprises when the moment comes to take a change into production.