Thursday, January 2, 2014


AvailabilityThe availability of the ITRP service over the past year was again 99.99% (or 99.989 to be more exact).

Last year there were fewer services outages than the year before; 9 short outages in 2012 compared with 6 in 2013. The total outage duration, however, went up a little from 55 minutes in 2012 to 60 minutes in 2013 (source: Pingdom).

The last 4 outages, which accounted for 50 of the 60 downtime minutes in 2013, occurred in November and December. Problem analysis showed that those 4 outages all had the same root cause. Once we had found the root cause, we were able to prepare a permanent fix. This fix was transferred to production on December 13.

Delivering another year of premium IT service management
So, the service is in good shape. For 2014 we shall again attempt to get closer to an overall availability of 99.999%. Happy New Year from all of us at the ITRP Institute!