Monday, December 16, 2013

Download the ITRP Export Monitor

Ruby GemYou probably already know how easy it is to schedule exports of your ITRP data. Export schedules are used by organizations mainly to generate an incremental export of their data on a daily basis. These export schedules make sure that the data gets extracted, that a separate CSV file gets generated for each record type, that these export files get zipped into a single file, and that an email notification with the download link is sent to the appropriate email address.

This email notification can then be used to trigger a script that the organization built to pull the zip file in a secure fashion from the ITRP servers. Once the zip file has been retrieved, it can be unzipped and the different export files (one for each record type) can then be distributed to different directories or to an FTP site from where they can be picked up by, for example, the organization's data warehouse or business intelligence importer.

This whole process of obtaining the zip file, extracting it, and distributing the CSV files to the correct location can now be automated in just a few minutes thanks to the ITRP Export Monitor. The ITRP Export Monitor is a Ruby gem. Developers can download this gem for free from the Libraries section of the ITRP Developer web site. After downloading it, the gem can be installed on a local server. The documentation provides detailed instructions on how the ITRP Export Monitor can be configured.