Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Service offeringThe service catalog of an organization is made up of service offerings. The service offerings make it easier for customers to select the level of service they need. Once an offering has been selected, the registration of the SLA is just a matter of selecting a start date and the service instance that the customer will be using. Managing large numbers of SLAs is that simple in ITRP, because the details of the SLAs are specified in the service offerings.

Duplicate Service OfferingAdding a new service offering has now become really easy as well. We have extended the Duplicate feature that was developed for contracts to service offerings. After you have selected an existing service offering, you can select the "Duplicate Service Offering" option from the Actions menu. This will copy the information from the selected service offering and paste it in a new SO record.

The best thing is that it will also copy all the standard service requests that are related to the selected service offering.