Sunday, December 8, 2013

Support, Maintenance and Lease Contracts

ContractGood news for configuration managers! You are now able to stay in control of the contracts for your configuration items.

Whether you want to manage the support contracts for the PCs, the support & maintenance agreements for the server software or the lease contract for the mainframe, we have tried to make this easy for you.

Support Contract
When you go to the Records console, you will find the "Contracts" option just below "Configuration Items". To quickly register a new contract, you can select an existing one and click on the "Duplicate Contract" option of the Actions menu. This copies the information from the existing contract and pastes it into a new one. As soon as a configuration item is related, the start date of this CI is filled out in the Start date field of the new contract.

If you need to register a lot of contracts, you can use the Import functionality to do this efficiently. And the APIs have been extended, so you can also use them to add, update and retrieve contracts, either in batches or individually in real time.


  1. This is very nice. How is the owner notified when a contract is going to expire?

    1. Currently organizations can do that by setting up a Webhook to listen for new contracts and updates of existing contracts. They can then cause this Webhook to trigger a script that looks up the Notice date and the Expiry date. This script can then send out an email when one of these dates is approaching,

      Having said this, there is currently one RFC (#1095716) on the wish list that requests an email template to be added for this. Feel free to also submit an RFC for your organization if you think that adding an email template for this type of notification would be helpful. That way we can keep an eye on the demand for this feature.