Monday, December 2, 2013

Completed Work Is Less Relevant

SearchOver time, organizations store more and more requests and other types of records in ITRP. To make sure that IT specialists can still find the information they need from all this data, we have tweaked the search algorithms a little.

Requests that have not yet been completed are now listed in the search results above the ones that have already been completed. A similar logic has been applied for all record types, so configuration items that have the status "Removed" and services that are set to "Disabled" will show up at the bottom of the list.

Search Result SortingIf you are looking for the solution of a recently completed incident or problem, open the "Refine Search" section to the left of the search results and select the "Last Updated" option in the Sorting field. The most recently updated records will then be listed at the top.

You can find more advanced search tips in the Filter & Search section of the online help.