Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing the ITRP Client Gem

Ruby GemThe developers among you are probably familiar with the Ruby programming language and therefore will know what a 'gem' is. A gem is basically a self-contained Ruby program or library that can be distributed. These gems can offer really useful functionality.

Today, the first gem for ITRP has been released. It is the ITRP Client. Developers can use it to quickly set up and configure all the basic elements of a new ITRP integration.

For example, once the ITRP Client has been installed on a local server, it can be configured with a few commands to handle the authentication with ITRP's REST API, to deal with proxies, and to take care of files that need to be attached to ITRP records. These are common requirements for an ITRP integration. Not having to build scripts to automate these steps can save developers a lot of time.

So, go check it out. You can download the ITRP Client from the Libraries section of the ITRP Developer web site.