Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don't End before the Start

CalendarThere are quite a few date fields in ITRP. Some of them are related to other date fields. For top-impact incidents, for example, there is the Downtime End field, which date may not precede the date in the Downtime start field. There are similar start/end date field combinations in SLAs, recurring changes, holidays, etc.

HolidayThe business logic of ITRP made sure that, if you specified an end date that was earlier than the start date, you'd see an error when you tried to save the record. Such errors are annoying. Also annoying was that when you entered a start date in a Holiday record, and this start date was still several months away, the calendar of the end date would still start on today's date.

So, we decided to make this easier for you. Now when you have entered a start date that occurs in the future, and you click on the little calendar of the end date, this calendar will begin on the start date. Or you can simply press the down-arrow key to fill out the start date in the end date field. Earlier dates can no longer be selected.

The result is that you will not even be able to accidentally select an invalid combination of dates.