Sunday, November 24, 2013

Continuous Search Results

SearchWhen you execute a search in ITRP today, you may notice that something has changed. In the past, only the first ten most relevant results would be listed. If you wanted to see more, you had to go to the bottom of the list to click for the next page. That was similar to how Google is still doing it.

In ITRP you can now simply scroll down to see more results. As you scroll more results are dynamically collected. This makes it easier for you to review the search results and the initial search results are still displayed almost instantly.


  1. Nice improvement guys!
    Maybe it would be also good to fine tune REFINE SEARCH panel too so that when appropriate filter was used there would be possible to hit SEARCH without a need of going up on page again.

  2. Thank you for that suggestion. We'll consider it for a future improvement.