Monday, October 28, 2013

Click-through KPIs

AnalyticsWhen you go to the Analytics console today, you will see that we have made a few improvements to the key performance indicators for the different processes.

The most important improvement is that you are now able to click on a point in a KPI graph to drill down into the list of the records that make up that point.

Change Backlog
The second major improvement concerns the Filter capability. Now you can apply complex filters to the data in a graph. A filter can be constructed from multiple values of multiple dimensions. This allows you to generate very specific graphs.

For example, you can open the Change Backlog and filter it for changes:
  • which Category is "Non-Standard",
  • which Service is "Unix Server" or "Database", and
  • which Justification is "Improvement", "Maintenance" or "Expansion".

Change Dimensions
When you filter your KPI report, you will see the URL change in the address bar at the top of your browser window. This means that if you have a report that you want to generate from time to time, you can add its URL to your bookmarks. And if you want to share it with your colleagues, you can send them this URL.

The KPIs section of the Analytics console, like the Dashboard section, is still a work in progress. Over time, we will add more features. When we do, they will of course be announced right here in the ITRP blog.