Friday, October 4, 2013

Impressions from ITRP CAB 2013

TrustLast year, the ITRP Customer Advisory Board meeting was held in the dessert of Arizona. The theme of that year's CAB was "New Frontiers". This year we met in the mountains of Malaga in Spain, where the theme was "New Heights".

Golf at the 2013 ITRP CAB
The 2-day agenda was packed. Each day started at 7:30 and did not end before 11 at night. To ensure people's thinking remained fresh during the presentations and discussions, a wide variety of activities was mixed into the agenda. This included golf, a flamingo performance, wine tasting, rock climbing, a mountain tour on quads and, of course, great food.

Rock climbing at the 2013 ITRP CABAll of the customers generously shared their experiences. They explained how they use ITRP to overcome some challenges that they faced within their organizations.

Each customer also presented the features that they would most like to see added to ITRP. At times the discussion on how to implement these features got very detailed and that was necessary, because of the complexity of managing collaboration between different organizations within ITRP.

Rock climbing at the 2013 ITRP CABWe also looked at the future. Not just for ITRP, but the future of IT management in general. Everyone left with a head full of new ideas. That includes us from the ITRP Institute.

Thanks to all the feedback we now know what the development focus needs to be for the next 12 months. As new features get released, they will be announced here at the ITRP Blog.

Dinner at the 2013 ITRP CAB
We shall make sure that there will be lots to discuss when we review our progress again during next year's CAB.