Sunday, August 11, 2013

Revealing the Original Email

EmailWhen someone replies to an automatic notification from ITRP, the response gets added to the request, problem, task, change or release for which the notification was generated. When this feature was originally built, we took special care to ensure that only the text of the reply gets added, and not the text of the original notification. This was done to ensure that the notes remain easy to read.

Sometimes, however, it can be helpful to see the reply in the context of the original email. That's why we decided to perfect the way an inbound email gets presented in the Notes section. By default a note will still only show the reply text, but the original email to which the sender responded can now be opened by clicking on a small button at the end of the note.

Collapsed Note from inbound email
Clicking on this button reveals the information that ITRP did not consider part of the reply. This includes the legal disclaimers that ITRP hides to ensure that the information that is offered to the IT specialists is relevant and quick to digest.

Expanded Note from inbound email
This feature also works for email that is sent to ITRP for the generation of a new request. So when a message is forwarded to ITRP, the forwarded part will also get presented properly in the Notes section of the new request.