Monday, August 26, 2013

Image Fingerprinting

FingerprintEnd users like the fact that they can send an email to their service desk and that ITRP automatically converts this email into a new request. Specialists like the fact that they can reply to a notification from ITRP and that their reply gets added as a note to the request, problem, task, change or release for which the notification was originally sent out.

Many of the email messages that ITRP receives include attachments or screenshots, which ITRP automatically picks up and includes as attachments. Often, these messages also contain one or more images, such as a company logo, in the signature. In the past, ITRP already made sure that such signature images did not get processed. It did this by simply ignoring very small image files in the email messages it received.

Unfortunately, this did not always work as intended. People are including larger and larger pictures in their signatures and sometimes users send a screenshot of a little popup window that is so small it would not get picked up by ITRP.

So we rebuilt this inbound email feature and turned it into a self-learning system. This system takes a fingerprint of each incoming image. When it discovers that users of a certain organization keep sending identical images to ITRP, it will ignore these images.