Monday, July 22, 2013

Registering SLAs for External Customers

SLAIf your organization provides services to other organizations that also have an ITRP account, you will be managing your SLAs with these customers in ITRP. You will have noticed then, that you are able to select the internal organizations of trusted ITRP accounts as the customer of an SLA.

The customer of an SLA is the organization that pays for the service. Being able to select any internal organization of all trusted accounts is great, but when you have a lot of trusted accounts and you need to register a new SLA, the list of options in the Customer field could contain hundreds of organizations.

Over the past two years we have learned that the organization that is selected in an SLA for a trusted account is nearly always the Organization record that is directly linked to this trusted account. So, to make it easier to register new SLAs, we decided to initially limit the list of options in the Customer field to only your own organizations, plus the organizations that are directly linked to the accounts that your support organization's ITRP account trusts.

Registering a new SLA
Once an SLA has been registered for a trusted account, it is possible to update the Customer field value to any internal organization of this trusted account. You will probably never make use of this feature, but if it is important to indicate that a specific department of the trusted account pays for the service, you can still specify this in the SLA.

Updating a existing SLA
This usability feature will be much appreciated by central IT departments and data centers of large corporations, as well as by external service providers which customers already use ITRP.