Monday, July 15, 2013

Export Change Templates

Change TemplateYou probably noticed that we added quite a few export features last month. We are not quite done yet. The latest improvement is that you can now also export change templates.

Export confirmation pop-upChange templates are relatively complex, because they contain recurrence schedules and workflow definitions, but now you can export and import these like all the other record types.


  1. Hi Cor, this functionality looks very good.
    Who is able to do exports of change templates?
    Change Managers or Administrators only?

  2. Thanks Bartek. Currently only the people who have the Account Administrator role are able to perform exports. Depending on demand, the export functionality (but not the import functionality) for different record types may be extended to different roles. It could be useful, for example, when someone who has the Configuration Manager role would be able to export CIs.

  3. Good point. I thought about Change Managers to let them do exports as well, but this could work if they are able to import them as well.

    Thanks for your answer.