Monday, June 17, 2013

Real-Time Outage Indicator in Self Service

AlertWhen a service is down, its users are now able to see this in Self Service. A big red dot will draw the attention of the users to the unavailable service before they submit new requests.

Outage indicator in Self Service
To figure out which services are currently unavailable for a specific end user, ITRP uses both the SLAs (so that only the services for which the end user is covered get listed) and the open incidents with the impact level "Top - Service Down for Several Users". As soon as a top-impact incident has been registered for a service instance, the outage indicator will be displayed in Self Service, but only for the users who are affected.

The information from your monitoring tools is also used if they pass an event to ITRP when a configuration item has failed. That is because ITRP uses the impact relations that make up the service hierarchy to determine the impact such issues have on the business services. So when a server or database has failed, the affected users will immediately see this.