Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Did You Notice the Difference?

Reporting and ExportingThis past weekend we added another read-only database to ITRP's infrastructure. From now on, all exports and reports are generated using this new database. This reduces the load on ITRP's primary database. It is unlikely, however, that you will be able to notice an improvement in performance. That is because the primary database was still performing very smoothly.

So why did we add this database? One of the reasons is that usage of the ITRP service has been growing steadily. Eventually the increased usage would have required us to upgrade the primary production database. More importantly, however, we have some big plans for the Export feature and even bigger plans for the Analytics console.

Over the course of 2013 we will announce the enhancements that make use of the possibilities that this new database offers right here at this blog. So stay tuned...