Monday, April 22, 2013


Request GroupTo help organizations handle major incidents more efficiently, ITRP makes it possible to group together the requests from different people and system management tools when they concern the same incident. Thanks to this feature it is easy for service desk analysts to register an additional request for an incident that is already being worked on. It also helps the specialists because they only need to update the request group rather than each individual request.

But what if someone accidentally added a request to a request group? It could happen that some incidents are grouped together because they seem similar, but further investigation may reveal that one of them is in fact distinct. In such cases the incident that is different should be ungrouped so that it can be dealt with separately.

Ungrouping a grouped request
To ungroup a request, open it in View mode, click on the Actions button in the toolbar and select the "Ungroup..." option. You will then have the option to add a note to explain why you have decided to ungroup this request, but essentially that's all there is to it.