Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Finer Points of Usability

ProblemWhen a problem manager opens a new problem from an existing request, the Service field of the problem is automatically filled out. ITRP knows which service to select by looking up the service instance that is linked to the request and subsequently looking up the service that this instance provides.

Similarly, when a problem manager opens a new problem from scratch, ITRP will automatically select the service for which the problem manager is responsible. ITRP does this by looking up the service to which the current user is linked as the problem manager.

But what if the current user acts as the problem manager for more than one service? In that case, ITRP will now list these services at the top of the list of options.

New problem form
This means that the presentation of this list is personalized for each problem manager. It ensures that problem managers will first see the services that are most relevant for them.

If a problem manager prefers to use the keyboard and presses the tab key to jump to the Service field, then the down arrow key can be pressed to select one of the services. In this case the problem manager's services will also be offered first.