Friday, March 8, 2013

Coverage in the Slovak Republic

SlovakiaYes, another partner announcement. Today we welcome step4word to the ITRP partner network. Step4word is a professional consulting firm in Slovakia with a refreshing approach to helping corporations identify their drivers of growth and profitability. Together with their customers they develop actionable strategies and offer a wide range of IT services to help them realize their goals.

step4word logoWhen significant improvement opportunities have been identified in the area of IT support, the customer can rely on step4word. Their ITIL experts can help them convert these opportunities into a concrete competitive advantage. Adding ITRP to their portfolio allows step4word to deliver premium results quickly without exposing their customers to the risks of a traditional toolbox IT service management implementation.

We are excited about this partnership and are happy that customers in the Slovak Republic can now count on local support for ITRP.