Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Could It Get Any Better?

PersonIf you have been a service desk analyst for a while, you will probably have picked up a call already from an end user who did not show up in the Service Desk console. Perhaps it was the user's first day on the job and his information had not yet been imported from Active Directory.

Now you have a quick way to register a new user without having to leave the Service Desk console. If the name you entered does not provide any matches, you can click on the New User button. This causes a simplified version of the Person form to appear right in the Service Desk console.

No suggestions for entered nameIf you act as a service desk analyst for multiple organizations, you will first be prompted to select the account into which the new user needs to be registered. So this also works for the service desk analysts who provide first line support for organizations that have outsourced their help desk.

Simplified form for registering a new personWhen you press the Save button, a new request will automatically open for the new user so that you can complete the registration of the request.

That's how the Service Desk console, one of the unique features of ITRP, makes the lives of the analysts a little easier again.

It gives your support organization the ability to provide a consistently professional support experience for your end users.