Monday, February 18, 2013

Replies to Automatic Notifications

EmailITRP generates different types of email notifications. For example, an end user receives a confirmation after a request has been registered for him, a specialist receives an email when a problem has been assigned to her, etc.

The notifications used to ask their recipients not to reply, because the email was automatically generated. Those days are over.

From now on, people can reply to the email that ITRP generates for them. Each response will be added as a Note to the request, problem, task, change or release for which the notification was generated.

The response to an automatic notification could look like this:

Email reply from end user
When the Mail API processes this response, the result looks as follows:

Request with reply text

You see that ITRP only adds the text of the reply, not the text of the original notification. If a response includes one or more attachments, then they will be added to the Note as well. Small graphics and legal disclaimers that are often used in signatures will automatically be ignored. The Mail API will also ignore out of office messages.

We know that many people have asked for this feature. We hope that the additional care we put into its implementation ensures that the information in the Notes remains easy to absorb.