Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Previews Perfected

PreviewYou may have already noticed that we made a small adjustment to the previews. Previews are the small cards that pop up when you click on a related record. A preview offers a quick summary of the related record. They used to look like this:

Preview with View icon
When both the View and Edit icon were available, we saw that users always needed a little time to decide which one they should click on to open the entire record in either View or Edit mode. The icons were quite similar. This may have looked good, but it did not help people make the right selection. So we changed the look of previews a little. Now they look like this:

Preview with hyperlinked name
The View icon is gone. Instead the Name or Subject of the record is hyperlinked. So when you want to see the entire record, you can click anywhere on the Name or Subject. If you want to open the record directly in Edit mode, you can click on the Edit icon. As always, the Edit icon will only be displayed when you have the necessary access rights to update the record.

Ok, this is perhaps a trivial usability improvement, but hopefully you will also notice that it lets you jump more fluently from a preview to the entire record when you have the choice of opening it in View or Edit mode.