Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When a Few Seconds Make All the Difference

Danone logoMost large multinationals that have tried to standardize globally on a single ITSM application have faced resistance. One of the main reasons for this resistance is that the toolbox applications that they selected as their corporate standard get slower as they become more and more customized, more people use them, and more records are added. But there is one thing that really hurts the performance of these toolboxes. That's network latency.

So as the standard ITSM application gets rolled out to locations farther and farther away from where the servers are located, the users experience slower and slower performance. Sure, it is possible to upgrade the WAN connections, but that is expensive and it will not entirely eliminate the latency issue.

Few enterprises have taken the trouble to calculate how much the slow performance of their ITSM application is costing them. One exception is Danone. Not only did its senior management take the complaints of the IT departments in remote locations seriously, they decided to do something about it.

Their adventure brought them to California where the plan was drafted to bring in ITRP as their new corporate standard for IT service management. The results were even more positive than we had hoped. You can read the complete story of Danone's success here.