Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Know Your Users?

PersonLet's say you support end users of multiple businesses. These businesses, however, do not use ITRP and their users are used to contacting your company by email when they need help.

You have already made sure that when a user sends an email to your service desk, this email gets forwarded to your company's ITRP account. This ensures that these emails are automatically converted into requests. Very handy.

There's a catch, though. Each request needs to be linked to its requester, so the requester needs to be registered before a new request can be generated. But you may not want to maintain the contact details of all the employees and contractors of the businesses you support.

To provide a solution for such situations, we have (yet again) extended the functionality of the Mail API. When you go to the Settings console and click on "Email Policies", you will see a new option.

Inbound email policy
By checking the box, you tell the Mail API to process email from senders who have not yet been registered. So when an email is received from an unknown sender, a Person record is immediately added, which allows the new request to be created.

Request with new requester
The Trusted domains field underneath the checkbox can be used to limit this feature to email that originates from the domains of your customers. Organizations who provide support to consumers may want to leave this field empty to allow anyone to request support via email.