Monday, December 17, 2012

Filter Functionality Extended

FilterThe Filter functionality provides a powerful way to reduce the number of items listed in a view so that you can quickly find the record, or records, that you are looking for.

You probably already know that you can place your cursor in the Search box by pressing the forward slash ( / ) key. Once your cursor is in the Search box and you start typing, the view will be limited to the rows that contain the characters you enter.

Filtering with a few characters
When you enter the first few characters of multiple words in the Search box, the view gets limited to the rows that contain words that start with these characters, regardless of the order in which these words appear in the row. None of this is new.

Filtering with the start of multiple words
What has been added is the possibility to be very specific. When you place words between double quotes, only the rows that contain those words in that exact order will remain visible in the view.

Filtering with an exact phrase
If that is too specific, then the Inbox views offer you an even more advanced option. When you start your entry in the Search box with a double quote, the view will be limited to the rows that match the characters you entered in that exact order, but it is OK if the last word extends beyond the characters you entered.

Filtering with an open phrase
So when you need to, you can refine your filter to make it as exact as you need it to be.