Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ITRP is Global

GlobalWith the annual ITRP Customer Advisory Board (CAB) coming up in less than a week, I cannot help but reflect on the developments of the past year. Many new features were introduced in ITRP and announced in this blog. All of these features were added without causing downtime or requiring our customers to test or install any upgrades. That’s what one expects from cloud-based services.

The question remained, though, whether we managed to realize our goal of providing an ITSM solution that speeds up IT service management projects. To answer this question, I took a look at the countries where ITRP is already in use. I must say that I like what I saw.

Countries in which ITRP is used
Looking at the map, it is hard to imagine that it has only been two years since ITRP was released. For a new player in the ITSM market to complete so many implementations successfully in such a short time span, speaks volumes about the ease and speed with which ITRP can be deployed.

So this past year ITRP has proven itself as a truly global solution for enterprise organizations regardless of culture, time zone, language or currency. We are very proud of what we’ve achieved with our customers this past year. And this is just the beginning...