Thursday, November 29, 2012

Impressions from ITRP CAB 2012

TrustThis week the first ITRP customer advisory board meeting (CAB) was held. The CAB is an annual event where enterprise customers meet to discuss their experience with ITRP and to help prioritize the future direction of ITRP. There was plenty to talk about and some of the discussions took place in a setting that matched the theme.

Riding out for breakfastThis year's theme was "New Frontiers". ITRP is the first enterprise ITSM solution that is not a toolbox. In addition, it allows organizations to work together with their external service providers. These are two breakthroughs in the ITSM industry.

It was great to hear over the past days how much benefit these two unique characteristics have provided. We realize that the decision to move to ITRP was not an easy one. It takes a person with strong character and vision to head into such new frontiers. Listening to the experiences of the past year, it sounds like the decision paid of handsomely for our CAB participants.

Trap shootingAnd for next year? The focus will be less on the core application and more on expanding the capabilities of Self Service, the Mail API and analytics. We shall use the prioritization from this CAB meeting as we keep adding nice new features.

So keep an eye on this blog. These features will, as always, be announced here.