Thursday, November 22, 2012

Approvals in Self Service

TaskWhen someone's approval is needed for a change, the approver receives an email. Attached to this email is a PDF file with a summary of the change. After reading the change summary, the approver can click on the Approve or Reject links in the email.

Email notification for approver
Approvers have been able to approve changes like this for some time already and it has made their life a little easier. But what if you are an approver and you want to review an approval task that you completed a while ago? It would be a pain to have to search through all your email.

My Approvals
To accommodate this, you can now look up all your approval tasks in Self Service.

Additionally, you can now provide your approval from the email notification or in Self Service. It does not matter. ITRP will make sure that your approval task can be set to "Approved" or "Rejected" only once.

Approval task in Self Service
This may not be a dramatic improvement, but it will make approvers in the business more comfortable with approvals. Change managers know how much time can be lost collecting approvals.

Anything that can get changes more smoothly through the approval phase will benefit the overall efficiency of your change management process.