Monday, October 8, 2012

What's in Stock?

Configuration ItemIf a user needs a USB color printer, you now have a quick way to look up the available printers in stock. Just go to "Configuration Items" in the Records console and select the Spare CIs view. By default this view lists all the configuration items that can be deployed.

When you enter "printer" in the Search box above the view, the list will be limited to the available printers.

Configuration Items in Stock
Even if such a printer is not available at your site, you may find a spare one at another site.

If there currently are no USB color printers available, you can click on the Ordered button to see if any have already been ordered. The Reserved button can be used to look up the CIs that are in stock but which may not be given out because they have been reserved for a specific project or user. It may, however, be possible to use such an item for a few days until a new one has been delivered.

So before ordering a new CI, you can use this new view to quickly check whether there's one available somewhere within your organization.